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Eastport Ventures
– The Company

Eastport Ventures is a mining house predicated on building and maximising value from its asset base of investments and projects. Since inception in 2017, the Company has methodically assembled a diverse portfolio of projects in Botswana with the intention and belief of making multiple discoveries.

The Company has an internal investment division with a portfolio worth several million dollars. Having such balance sheet strength gives Eastport the optionality of self-funding its exploration programmes, without the requirement of issuing further equity and prematurely diluting the intrinsic value of its project portfolio. Such strategic flexibility ensures that Eastport can navigate market turbulence in order to maximise the returns generated for its shareholders.

Eastport is intent on building-out its investment division through taking positions in new investee companies and projects, and will consider the full spectrum of financing options, from equity, to debt, to royalty acquisitions.

Maximising value is at the heart of Eastport’s business model, and the Company is committed to crystalizing the maximum return for shareholders, whether that be through the discovery and subsequent production stages for its projects, or the growth of its investment division.

Eastport is intent on developing a sustainable model to advance and finance resource projects at all stages of the mining cycle.

Matsitama 1,668 km2Copper – Cu
Foley 834.8 km2Uranium – U
Selebi 2,100 km2Nickel – Ni Copper – Cu Cobalt – Co
Jwaneng 100km2Diamond – C3
Keng 1,345 km2Nickel – Ni Copper – Cu PGM Project
PNR InvestmentNickel – Ni Copper – Cu


The Board of Directors and Advisors make Eastport Ventures a socially responsible investor with a high degree of respect for Botswana, its people and its environment.

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By leveraging extensive historical exploration data and in-country relationships, Eastport has patiently amassed a significant number of advanced exploration assets.

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Eastport Ventures holds a significant equity position in TSX-listed Premium Nickel Resources Limited (PNRL).

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